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Evaluation of circumsporozoite protein of Plasmodium Vivax to estimate its prevalence in oiapoque , amapá state, brazil, bordering French Guiana. Laboratoire de parasitologie 2016
Evolution of Fitness Cost-Neutral Mutant PfCRT Conferring P. falciparum 4-Aminoquinoline Drug Resistance Is Accompanied by Altered Parasite Metabolism and Digestive Vacuole Physiology. Laboratoire de parasitologie
Plasmodium vivax multidrug resistance-1 gene polymorphism in French Guiana. Laboratoire de parasitologie
Continued Sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to Artemisinin in Guyana, With Absence of Kelch Propeller Domain Mutant Alleles.  Laboratoire de parasitologie 2016
Circumsporozoite protein rates, blood-feeding pattern and frequency of knockdown resistance mutations in Anopheles spp. in two ecological zones of Mauritania. Laboratoire de parasitologie 2016
A worldwide map of Plasmodium P. falciparum artemsinin resistance. Laboratoire de parasitologie 2016
Prevalence of Plasmodium spp. in illegal gold miners in French Guiana in 2015: a hidden but critical malaria reservoir.  Laboratoire de parasitologie 2016
Combinatorial Genetic Modeling of pfcrt-Mediated Drug Resistance Evolution in Plasmodium falciparum. Laboratoire de parasitologie 2016
Independent Emergence of the Plasmodium Falciparum Kelch Propeller Domain Mutant Allele C580Y in Guyana. Laboratoire de parasitologie 2016
Malaria Hyperendemicity and Risk for Artemisinin Resistance among Illegal Gold Miners, French Guiana. Laboratoire de parasitologie 2016
The Plasmodium falciparum chloroquine resistance transporter is associated with the ex vivo falciparum African parasite response to pyronaridine. Laboratoire de parasitologie 2016
Adaptive evolution of malaria parasites in French Guiana: Reversal of chloroquine resistance by acquisition of a mutation in pfcrt Laboratoire de parasitologie 2015
Development of a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Barcode to Genotype Plasmodium vivax Infections Laboratoire de parasitologie 2015
Heterogeneity among Mycobacterium ulcerans from French Guiana revealed by multilocus variable number tandem repeat analysis (MLVA) Laboratoire de parasitologie 2015
Use of Plasmodium falciparum culture-adapted field isolates for in vitro exflagellation blocking assay Laboratoire de parasitologie 2015
COIL: a methodology for evaluating malarial complexity of infection using likelihood from single nucleotide polymorphism data Laboratoire de parasitologie 2015
Effects of mefloquine use on Plasmodium vivax multidrug resistance Laboratoire de parasitologie 2014
Emergence of resistance to atovaquone-proguanil in malaria parasites: insights from computational modeling and clinical case reports Laboratoire de parasitologie 2014
Patterns of selection on Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte binding antigens after the colonisation of the New World Laboratoire de parasitologie 2014
Genetic diversity and population structure of Plasmodium vivax isolates from Sudan, Madagascar, French Guiana and Armenia Laboratoire de parasitologie 2014
Whole genome sequencing of field isolates reveals a common duplication of the duffy binding protein gene in Malagasy Plasmodium vivax strains Laboratoire de parasitologie 2013
High performances of histidine-rich protein 2 based rapid diagnostic tests in French Guiana are explained by the absence of pfhrp2 gene deletion in P. falciparum Laboratoire de parasitologie, Unité d'épidémiologie 2013
High-throughput analysis of antimalarial susceptibility data by the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN) in vitro analysis and reporting tool Laboratoire de parasitologie 2013
Multiple independent introductions of Plasmodium falciparum in South America Laboratoire de parasitologie 2012
Investigation of a sudden malaria outbreak in the isolated Amazonian village of Saül, French Guiana, January-April 2009 Laboratoire de parasitologie, Unité d'Entomologie Médicale, Unité d'épidémiologie 2012
Discordant temporal evolution of Pfcrt and Pfmdr1 genotypes and Plasmodium falciparum in vitro drug susceptibility to 4-aminoquinolines after changing drug policy in French Guiana Laboratoire de parasitologie, Unité d'épidémiologie 2012
Land cover, land use and malaria in the Amazon: a systematic literature review of studies using remotely sensed data Laboratoire de parasitologie, Unité d'Entomologie Médicale 2013
Malaria on the Guiana shield: a review of the situation in French Guiana Laboratoire de parasitologie, Unité d'Entomologie Médicale 2014