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Thermodynamic stability of domain III from the envelope protein of flaviviruses and its improvement by molecular design. Laboratoire de Virologie 2013
Whole genome sequencing of field isolates reveals a common duplication of the duffy binding protein gene in Malagasy Plasmodium vivax strains Laboratoire de parasitologie 2013
High performances of histidine-rich protein 2 based rapid diagnostic tests in French Guiana are explained by the absence of pfhrp2 gene deletion in P. falciparum Laboratoire de parasitologie, Unité d'épidémiologie 2013
High-throughput analysis of antimalarial susceptibility data by the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN) in vitro analysis and reporting tool Laboratoire de parasitologie 2013
Rabies Risk: Difficulties Encountered during Management of Grouped Cases of Bat Bites in 2 Isolated Villages in French Guiana Unité d'épidémiologie 2013
Resequencing microarray method for molecular diagnosis of human arboviral diseases Laboratoire de Virologie 2013
Cross-reactivities between human IgMs and the four serotypes of dengue virus as probed with artificial homodimers of domain-III from the envelope proteins Laboratoire de Virologie 2013
Discriminating malaria from dengue fever in endemic areas: clinical and biological criteria, prognostic score and utility of the C-reactive protein: a retrospective matched-pair study in French Guiana Laboratoire de Virologie 2013
Climatic drivers of seasonal influenza epidemics in French Guiana Laboratoire de Virologie, Unité d'épidémiologie 2013
High frequency and diversity of species C enteroviruses in Cameroon and neighbouring countries Laboratoire de Virologie 2013
Longitudinal and integrative biomodeling of effector and memory immune compartments after inactivated influenza vaccination Laboratoire de Virologie 2013
Objective sampling design in a highly heterogeneous landscape. Characterizing environmental determinants of malaria vector distribution in French Guiana, in the Amazonian region Unité d'Entomologie Médicale 2013
Land cover, land use and malaria in the Amazon: a systematic literature review of studies using remotely sensed data Laboratoire de parasitologie, Unité d'Entomologie Médicale 2013
A survey of adult anophelines in French Guiana: enhanced descriptions of species distribution and biting responses Unité d'Entomologie Médicale 2013
Antiretroviral therapy promotes an inflammatory-like pattern of human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) replication in human immunodeficiency virus type 1/HTLV-1 co-infected individuals Laboratoire des Interactions Virus-Hôtes 2013
Recent demographic history and present fine-scale structure in the Northwest Atlantic leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) turtle population Laboratoire des Interactions Virus-Hôtes 2013
A new species of tapir from the Amazon Laboratoire des Interactions Virus-Hôtes 2013